Weekend Counseling Supervisor

Vicky discovered her passion to help people at a very young age, which led to her going to school as a single mom in the 90s to become a PSW. Vicky returned to school in 2011 after raising her children to become a community support worker and addictions counsellor where she began her education to better serve people struggling with addictions and Mental health graduating with honours. Her strong people skills and passion for helping people allowed her to mesh well in all environments and work with people on a personal level and provide the right level of care for both Addiction and Mental Health.

Vicky Reid is a Mental health, community support worker and Addiction counselor. Prior to working at Metamorphosis Centre for Change, she worked in two other addiction facilities. Vicky also works in mental health in group homes on her weekends off.

Vicky loves the outdoors, diving, kayaking, and spending quality time with her children and grandchildren. 

Vicky also feeds a lot of homeless people on the streets and provides them with clothes she has bought second-hand or has had donated. 

 Vicky has a strong background in community support, addictions counselling and mental health care.