Jennifer brings with her many years of experience with addiction both personal and professional. It is from this experience that her passion for helping others grew. Jennifer went on to complete with honours and an advanced diploma in child and youth care at Georgian college. Jennifer then focused her education on addiction treatment and prevention completing her one-year post-graduate certificate at Georgian college as well. Jennifer works with clients from a client-centred/strength-based approach looking at the entire person, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual using motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioural frameworks. Using these frameworks Jennifer helps to guide clients to their own truths, uncovering negative core beliefs and other distorted thinking patterns. Jennifer is passionate about helping people live happy healthy lives and with this passion she believes helping her clients learn to love themselves is key to their transformation. Building self-worth and employing tools such as mirror work and affirmation use are some of the areas Jennifer focuses on. Jennifer believes that knowledge is power and therefore gives her clients ample opportunity to learn and grow even when not in a session. Jennifer has a passion for the healing power of nature and the spiritual lessons it provides. When Jennifer is not with her clients you can find her at her trailer enjoying the birds, animals and the peaceful tranquillity of the countryside