Frank Mazzawi

Frank Mazzawi

Frank's journey into this field started from his own challenges in life with mental health and addiction.  After a few attempts at sobriety Frank put together a 1 year clean.  This led him to want to give back and he decided to go back to school.  Frank got a diploma in addictions, followed by a certificate in Psychology from Ryerson University.  While at Ryerson, Frank started working for the private industry and has been working for the top centres in Ontario.  Frank has a unique approach which is what allows him to connect with the clients.  Frank says that "everything is fixable, including our thinking".

Chris Mazzawi

Chris Mazzawi - General Manager

Chis Mazzawi is a husband, father of three  and an all-round great guy.  He loves a challenge; in fact his friends call him the professional problem solver.  Chris enjoys making new connections with people and works hard to make his profession an enjoyable art form. He has spent over 20 years in the hospitality industry and has loved every minute of it.  Chris believes that this type of business is one where a customer’s satisfaction is the number one objective and of the utmost importance. His commitment to this belief is a major contributor to his success.  Chris has seen struggles with addiction among family members and has also seen the success that comes from recovery.  “I am so looking forward to being part of the journey into a positive transformation for all of Metamorphosis’s clients.”



Originally from Montreal,Dr. Bienenstock completed Medical School at McGill University before relocating to Toronto for his Residency in Family Medicine at Toronto Western Hospital. He has since acquired additional training in Addictions Medicine, Psychotherapy, and Minor Surgery. Above all, he is passionate about caring for those who suffer from addictions and mental illness. When enjoying downtime, Dr. Bienenstock enjoys playing squash, woodworking, chess, and playing bass guitar. Dr. Leonard Bienenstock is fluent in English and French. 

DR. SAM MERRIFIELD Addictions Doctor, M.D. CCFP

DR. SAM MERRIFIELD - Addictions Doctor, M.D. CCFP

Dr. Merrifield completed Medical School at the Nothern Ontario School of Medicine in his hometown of Sudbury before attending the University of Toronto for his Family Medicine Residency. By pursuing training opportunities in Addictions Medicine throughout his medical education he fostered a passion for practicing in his field. He has also done research on understanding patient perspectives regarding the link between chronic pain, high dose opioid perscriptions and addiction. Since entering practice he has completed training in Opioid Dependence Treatment with the Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). Dr. Merrifield also strives to integrate psychotherapy into his practice in order to provide his patients with comprehensive care. Outside of medicine he is a music aficionado, an outdoors enthusiast and an avid reader. 

Sean Prabhu - Psychiatrist, Doctor M.D. DABPN

Sean Prabhu is a Psychiatrist with experience in both emergency/inpatient and outpatient settings. He has experience in treating a variety of mental illnesses including neurocognitive disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders and personality disorders.  His patients have included those in geriatric, acquired brain injury and intellectual disability populations.  More recently he has taken an interest in the treatment of substance use disorders as he has seen this affliction take hold of his local community.  Sean Prabhu believes that substance abuse affects patients of all demographics and carries extremely high mortality and morbidity costs.  A significant proportion of those using illicit substances are also struggling with some form of mental illness.  Offering his services in this area is one of the most rewarding endeavors he has ever pursued.

Avril Maxey, Registered Psychotherapist,  MA Counselling Psychology Norfolk County Counselling & Psychotherapy 

Avril Maxey, Registered Psychotherapist,  MA Counselling Psychology Norfolk County Counselling & Psychotherapy 

Avril is a Registered Psychotherapist who has a Master's Degree in Counselling Psychology, and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. For over a decade she has worked in social services as a counsellor, advocate, and community educator.  Through these opportunities, she has gained valuable clinical skills working with abusive/unhealthy relationships, trauma, mood disorders, addictions, and persons in the LGBTQ+ community.  Avril works from a trauma informed and strengths-based approach to empower her clients. She understands that therapeutic approaches need versatility, finesse and there is no one size fits all in treatment. Avril celebrates individuality and diversity and believes in a person's ability to change.

David Oluwajuyigbe

David Oluwajuyigbe

I am a registered psychotherapist (Qualifying) currently supervised by Ruth Baah_Gyebi and Elvis Baah-Gyebi, both registered Psychotherapist. I have a Master of Arts degree in counselling psychology from Yorkville University, I take an integrated, culturally sensitive, and collaborative approach when providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families. I am aware that it can be tough to manage and cope with certain situations in life such as anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders, mood disorders, loss of loved one, and challenges within our interpersonal relationships. I am committed to journey along with you through such challenging circumstances. As a therapist my goal is to establish a meaningful, collaborative, and trusting therapeutic relationship in which you feel respected, heard, and safe to explore your concerns. I see our sessions as a place to journey with you, listen to you, support you and to give you hope.


Gerardo Quintero

Gerardo is a bilingual (English and Spanish) Registered Psychotherapist specializing in adults, teens, children, couples and family therapy. Gerardo’s broad experience with more than 20 years of counselling experience in Canada and 5-years in Mexico. Gerardo’s education background: master’s degree in psychotherapy, postgraduate certification in gestalt psychotherapy, certificate in emotion focused therapy, sex therapy, play therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, brief & narrative therapy, EMDR therapy, clinical hypnotherapy. Yoga and mindfulness practitioner. Gerardo’s uses positive psychotherapy bringing your strengths to promote balance. His deep interest in human nature allows his counselling practice to be eclectic, open, unlabeled and without prejudice; he believes that every person is doing the best they can, even when their coping ability may feel that it has become strained beyond endurance. Gerardo believes that mental health is possible when there is a balance/harmony between mind, body, emotions, spirit and relationship with others.



I hold a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology and a Masters of Science Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counselling, and I am a Registered Psychotherapist (qualifying) with the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario. For the past 20 years I have been successfully supporting and counselling clients throughout the Windsor and Essex County area, as well as the Province of Ontario, and assisting them with mental health, addictions and personal self-growth. I aim to introduce clarity and self-motivation while working to help create self empowerment to better manage the emotional stress of everyday life.



Hema is a professional and dedicated Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario who also has extensive experience as a Social Worker. She has a Masters Degree in Psychology and Bachelors Degree with English Honors. She has a certification in CBT from Adler University Toronto. She is proficient in knowledge and practice of Cognitive Behaviour therapy. She has over 20 years of experience working as a counselor in India and Canada. As part of her private practise she has been working with clients with Motor Vehicle Accidents suffering from PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. She is experienced in doing needs assessments, group interventions and providing individual and group counseling. She is sensitive to issues of multiculturalism, anti racism, family violence, youth, women, child and senior abuse. In addition to English Hema is also fluent in Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu languages. Her extensive experience includes working with the City of Toronto in the Toronto Newcomer Initiative Project and also working with COSTI Immigrant Services. She is able to communicate effectively with clients and adapt her style and techniques according to individual needs and personalities. She enjoys the challenges of working with different people and find the work incredibly rewarding. The rigorous education with specialized training and experience in Cognitive and behavior management strategies adds to her commitment to help clients overcome adversity and to become healthy and productive citizens.



Jessica is a registered psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. With a Bachelor degree in Psychology, a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology, and recently, a candidate for her Doctor of Counselling & Psychotherapy degree, Jessica has always valued higher education.  Jessica has worked with substance use/alcohol use disorder and substance addictions for over 10 years as a specialty. Jessica's other mental health specialties include: anxiety/depression [mood disorders], Borderline Personality Disorder, Child & Family therapy, ADHD, and eating disorders. Jessica takes a unique approach to psychotherapy, she does not believe a one-size-fits-all approach is effective. Through psychotherapy, Jessica will get to know you as a person, work with your strengths, and collaborate with you to develop goals to strive towards for your program. Jessica is looking forward to working with you!

Lori Kay

Lori Kay - MA, RNCP, RP

Lori Kay is a nutritionist and registered psychotherapist. With over 35 years of counselling experience she provides safe and effective treatment. Her approach is diverse and client centred; meaning her focus is on the needs, goals and process of the individual or group.  



Megan is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. She has provided psychological support and treatment to adolescents, adults, and families since 2000. With an educational background including Human Science, Psychology, Drug and Alcohol Counselling, and Social Service Work, Megan is as versatile in her treatments approaches as she is in her educational background. Through her work in private practice and community mental health programs, Megan has acquired extensive experience in providing therapeutic supports utilizing a variety of therapeutic approaches, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and relaxation strategies, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), as well as substance use disorders with Structured Relapse Prevention to name a few. Clinically, Megan’s broad range of experience includes working with clients struggling with mood disorders such as depression and anxiety; post-traumatic stress disorder; occupational stress injuries; chemical dependency; eating disorders; grief and bereavement issues; compulsive hoarding; and relationship difficulties.


Michelle Villanueva, MACP, RP

It is easy to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed and disconnected in our world today. The patterns that we have built throughout our lives can keep us “stuck”. Through the exploration of these patterns we can find balance, reconnect with ourselves and others while creating more positive and healthy patterns. It is through this understanding that we can shape and reintegrate new approaches, perceptions and behaviours better suited to our needs and goals. I strive to create a space free of judgment, and criticism. This space is essential for authentic exploration and most importantly, to truly be comfortable with the vulnerability of sharing and change. Through an integrative holistic approach, I seek to help clients develop a deeper awareness of themselves.


Deepali Kamboj - Administrative Assistant

"Master’s in Commerce with Post Graduation in Human Resource Development, Deepali have over ten years experience managing processes, supporting company operations by maintaining office systems & promoting process improvement. She is great at organizing office operations and procedures, controlling correspondence, designing, and implementing office policies by establishing standards and procedures while supporting accounting and human resource functions."


Daniel Khan – Aftercare Specialist

Daniel has been around the helping sector for over a decade.  His own history brought him to create change in his own life and through that process, a professional career change.  Daniel has been passionate about supporting individuals in need and has been involved in that capacity in several ways. Working in his own practice, in several treatment centers and in launching his own charity designed to support at-risk youth in Canada.  His work stems from holistic and trauma-based perspectives.  Daniel’s clinical approach comes from his training in Somatic Experience, ACT, NLP, NT and communication-based modalities.  Daniel combines these intervention modalities with holistic approaches, including Shamanism, Reiki and ecopsychology. He is passionate about the relationship between healing within the family and relational dynamics.


Diane Rogalski

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and an Art Therapist Diane is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and an Art Therapist with over twenty years of experience. From private practice to front-line child protection, she has been privileged to work with individuals of all ages and families through some of their most difficult times. Diane brings a creative and collaborative approach to meeting challenges and learning new skills. She loves sharing her passion for the arts by engaging people in discovering more about themselves through the creative process.   Diane has lived in Wasaga Beach and area for twenty years and cannot imagine living anywhere else. She loves being outdoors with her husband, their two children and their dog Doug.


JENNIFER TINDALE - Yoga Instructor

When Jennifer discovered yoga over 30 years ago, she knew that one day, she would teach it!  

Seven years ago she realized her dream of becoming a Yoga Instructor and now feels so grateful to not only teach yoga but to own a  yoga studio in Wasaga Beach!   “Yoga helps me focus, helps me relax and keeps my body and my mind flexible. It grounds me, strengthens me and gives me tools to remind myself to live mindfully.   My goal in teaching is to share my passion and my love of yoga  with my students so that they can have the opportunity to discover  and reap the benefits of yoga in their own lives“ 


LESLIE CUNSOLO - Yoga Instructor

Leslie has been involved in Yoga for over 20 years, teaching for the last 11. She has embraced yoga as a way of life and feels so fortunate to be able to share her love and passion with the people around her.  Her desire, mixed with the sheer joy that yoga has brought her,  has lead her on a path of personal growth and wellness. Yoga has made Leslie better in mind, body and heart. The nature and unity of yoga ultimately is what inspires Leslie to share and teach it.  


Jennifer Guse - Mental Health & Addictions Counselor

Jennifer brings with her many years’ experience with addiction both personal and professional. It is from this experience that her passion for helping others grew. Jennifer went on to complete with honors an advance diploma in child and youth care at Georgian college. Jennifer then focused her education in addiction treatment and prevention completing her one year post graduate certificate at Georgian college as well. Jennifer works with clients from a client centered/strength based approach looking at the entire person, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual using motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioural frameworks. Using these frameworks Jennifer helps to guide clients to their own truths, uncovering negative core beliefs and other distorted thinking patterns. Jennifer is passionate about helping people live happy healthy lives and with this passion she believes helping her clients learn to love themselves is key in their transformation. Building self-worth and employing tools such as mirror work and affirmation use are some of the areas Jennifer focuses on. Jennifer believes that knowledge is power and therefore gives her clients ample opportunity to learn and grow even when not in a session. Jennifer has a passion about the healing power of nature and the spiritual lessons it provides. When Jennifer is not with her clients you can find her at her trailer enjoying the birds, animals and the peaceful tranquility of the country side



Joe has served as an award-winning volunteer in supportive housing at My Brother’s Place in Toronto. Through his own lived experiences with mental illness and addiction, Joe counselled and taught both troubled and formerly incarcerated men the skillsets needed to re-institutionalize themselves and lead healthy social lives. In 2009, Joe received a Bravery Citation from the Ontario Provincial Police for risking his life to save a trapped passenger during a fatal car crash on Highway 401, and this experience reflects his commitment and approach to helping others. Having worked at Metamorphosis since August 2021, Joe’s newfound passion is to support and empower clients to seek out the core of their issues. A 59-year old father of three, “papa” to four grandboys, and cat dad to Mika, Joe loves to cook hearty meals, cheer on the Leafs, and spend time outdoors.


Madeline Nazari - Mental Health and addictions Counselor

Hi my name is Madeline Nazari and I am a fourth year student at York University studying for a BSc in Psychology. I have always had an interest in helping others and being available as a resource to enable others to get to where they want to be. Everyone needs someone who is friendly and will listen and attempt to understand them which is what I aspire to be. I am looking forward to working with patients and staff in order to create positive change and impact lives.



Through various life experiences with the justice system and the social services field, I have obtained an affinity for supporting individuals experiencing mental health and addiction concerns. Due to post-secondary education, working within various sectors of the social services field, in addition to personal experience; it has become evident that recovery in any aspect, is as much about the body as it is the mind and soul. As much as there are hospitals and special sick days for the body, we as a society are more inclined to ignore the mind, or worse condemn those who courageously admit that they need assistance. I am passionate about meeting individuals at their current stage and supporting them on their unique journey to recovery, whatever that may look like to them. As an addiction’s counselor, communication is key and not just on a verbal level. Being able to listen and understand the individuals body language, facial expressions as well as their verbal communication is essential in creating therapeutic rapports and obtaining an accurate understanding of the whole story. Having an understanding of individuals whole story, allows us to start at the very root of the concern. I believe in supporting individuals through various forms of strengths- based counselling, motivational interviewing techniques as well as DBT and CBT informed practices with the intent of providing them the life skills, coping mechanisms and self-awareness needed to create a life worth living, without escape.


Rick Clement - Mental Health and Addictions Counselor

After graduating with honours in Addiction Counselling and Community Service Worker, Rick Clement has spent the last nine years working as an Addiction Counsellor in private recovery centres. Rick is extremely dedicated to each client’s individual path to recovery and thoroughly enjoys assisting each client honouring their true selves and beginning to enjoy their lives. He believes addiction is a band-aid for the core problem and is passionate about getting to the root of the issue. When he is not in the office, Rick can be found outside enjoying his beautiful backyard with his wonderful wife, puppy and pond fish.


SOKE MICHELLE MAIZIS - Martial Artist & Tai Chi Instructor

Soke Michelle Maizis is a world-class martial artist with over 40 years of experience. An eighth-degree black belt in Chinese Kempo, she has also studied various styles including Jiu Jitsu, Sankudo, Shotokan, Goju Ryu, Hapkido, Chito Ryu, and Tai Chi C’huan.  She is a member in good standing with the Canadian Martial Arts Association and the Police Martial Arts Association.   Soke Maizis is the head of the Genki-Do Kempo system.  A multi-time World Champion and Hall of Fame inductee, she brings to the table a wealth of knowledge.  The essence of martial arts and its physical and mental benefits are something she truly believes in.  Soke Maizis uses her unique skills to empower others to become the best they can be, improving balance within their lives.


Stephanie Williams - Executive Chef

Stephanie Williams is the Executive Chef at Metamorphosis Centre for Change.  She began her cooking career in Calgary Alberta, where she attended the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and completed the Culinary Arts Program.  From there Stephanie worked as a Garde Marche and Pastry Chef at the very prestigious Bears Den restaurant in Bearspaw Rocky View.  Then she moved to Toronto to work as a Pastry Chef at Joe Badalis Restaurant in Downtown Toronto. Stephanie has always loved cooking and being in the hospitality industry.  After she started a family,  she opened her own macaron business.  She struggled with alcohol addiction for many years and has now been recovered for over 5 years.  She can relate to and understand guests at Metamorphosis and is thrilled to be running her own kitchen.

Tom Kirby - Addictions Counselor

Tom holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Guelph and a is also a graduate of the Social Service Worker Program from George Brown College. Tom’s knowledge & experience in dealing with addiction and mental health challenges, gives him the ability to help guide clients as they begin their transformation journey. Tom utilizes a solution-focused framework that allows clients to see how their past does not define their future. Through his personal experience, Tom has a genuine desire to support and advocate for people combatting addiction. In his personal life, Tom enjoys being outdoors, playing golf and spending time with his dog, Charlie.