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Our program

Metamorphosis staff is compassionate and highly skilled professionals embrace the most current, cutting edge addiction programs available today in Canada

At Metamorphosis, we approach addiction with comprehensive and effective evidence-based techniques that give you the skills you need for the journey to long lasting change.

Residential Addiction Treatment Programs

Our residential program is developed specifically for each individual client in order to address their needs and maximize treatment effectiveness.  Prior to admission to any of our programs the client will be asked to complete a simple psychological assessment that will help our clinical team create a program specific to their needs.

To serve the varying needs of clients we operate a residential facility in Wasaga Beach, Ontario We also offer the services of a licensed interventionist

 Individual Therapy

  • Each client receives two individual sessions with a psychotherapist each week.
  • One counseling session a week with an addiction’s counselor.

Physical Wellness

  • Yoga* (COVID-19 Restrictions)
  • Tia chi (COVID-19 Restrictions)
  • Fitness* (COVID-19 Restrictions)
  • Art Therapy* (COVID-19 Restrictions)

Skills Groups

  • Goal Setting
  • Co-Dependency
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Understanding what drives you
  • Spirituality- “Finding Meaning”
  • Mindfulness Relapse Prevention
  • Social Anxiety
  • Time management

Process Groups

  • Sharing Thoughts and Emotions


Detailed and easy to follow Discharge Planning

Our addiction counsellors and therapists provide evidence-based care that meets standards of best practises and focuses on each client personally – ensuring our clients are equipped with the tools needed to secure the best possible prospects of recovery.

*Due to COVID-19, some of our amenities are not available to our clients.


Treatment does not stop when you graduate from residential program. Some may think that if they have completed residential treatment the treatment is over. However, this is not the case.  At Metamorphosis we value the recovery of our clients above all and that is why our leading therapists have designed a unique Aftercare program that will assist our graduates after completion. Our aftercare program is designed to minimize the chance of relapse after completing residential or outpatient treatment and helps our clients to maximize the effectiveness of the skills and tools learnt at our rehab centres.

Continuation of Care

While a client is in residential treatment, they are assigned a dedicate counselor.  This counselor will be their continuation of care counselor after graduation.  Continuation of Care ensures that our clients receive dedicated, expert support during the challenging transition from treatment back into ordinary life. The first 2 months after treatment are often a difficult time. The counselor will call the client weekly for the first 2 months, then checkin through out the next 2 years.  The weekly counselling calls mean that clients can rely on the dedicated support from the  dedicated addiction counselor, who understand the challenges they face. The calls enable clients to discuss any difficulties they may be facing and to develop their methods for dealing with them.  At Metamorphosis we help our clients even after they have graduated from our programs, in order to secure long lasting change and minimize any chance of relapse.

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