Continuation of care counselling

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Continuation of care counselling

Continuation of Care provides continued support for Graduating clients. It is provided at no additional cost. Once you begin Continuation of Care counselling, you will schedule weekly phone calls with your designated counselor that has been with you through out your treatment. These calls will help you and the counselor to monitor your progress and to identify and address any challenges you face. 

Weekly calls take place throughout the first two months after graduation from a treatment program. Then the counselor will continue to call you through out the next 2 years.  Now you don’t need to wait for the counselor to call you, if you need support you can call the counselor anytime.  This program ensures that you are supported well beyond structured treatment. It will form an important part of your support network as you continue to work on your recovery. A Strong Foundation Completing an addiction treatment program requires immense dedication and hard work.

Congratulations on making it to this stage. You have already formed a strong foundation for lasting recovery. However, recovery is a lifelong process. You must now make the transition from a treatment program into a regular routine. Roots of Relapse The roots of relapse usually begin to emerge some time before the actual event. Stress or conflict at work or at home may gradually undermine your recovery. Feelings of isolation or depression or a triggering incident may also contribute to a later relapse.

One of the major benefits of Continuation of Care is that it allows you to monitor your progress and to identify and address any recovery challenges you experience as they emerge. You can discuss these challenges with you counselor and proactively confront them, rather than allowing them to build to a point where they may cause relapse or other problems. Continuation of Care counselling is a crucial element of our ongoing commitment to our clients.

Committing to the program will ensure that you have our support throughout the challenging period of early recovery.

If you have any questions about Continuation of Care or if you would like to discuss the program further, Get Help Now!